by Lynn Hayes

  1. Mars conjunct Uranus, now through Thursday (aspect is exact on Wednesday): Both are in Pisces now where there is a tendency for confusion about one’s motivations.  This can lead to some difficulty as Mars and Uranus create a reckless disregard for rules and safety.  We are particularly accident prone now so pay attention!
  2. Very active Sagittarian Moon on Tuesday aspects nearly every planet.  Plan for an emotional roller coaster!  A nice combination of stressful and harmonious aspects ensures some excitement in the day.  
  3. Sun sextiles Chiron on Tuesday also, aiding in understanding and helping others to heal.
  4. Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto on Wednesday.  Serious attitudes and the power to manifest our goals are highlighted here.
  5. The Sun is sextile Neptune, also on Wednesday.  A wonderful day for creativity and romance, with a touch of spirituality and meditation.  The combination of Sun/Neptune with Moon/Pluto makes this an excellent day for anything requiring both focus and creative energy.
  6. Waning Moon enters Capricorn at 1:27 am on Wednesday, and life takes a more serious turn. 
  7. Venus turns direct on Friday at 29 degrees Pisces.  Our little journey into the past will soon be complete!
  8. Mercury trines Saturn on Friday and Saturday – mental focus is sharp and organization skills are strong.  Excellent for all business projects.
  9. Sun enters Taurus on Sunday the 19th – time to concentrate on the garden!
  10. Moon conjuncts the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction, stimulating  release of energy from emotions that have been held back.  Expect to be more emotional than usual for a day or so.  
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