Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The Moon is very active this weekend – it is in Scorpio where we are a little more passionate and emotional, and more tenacious around issues of power imbalance.  Mars enters Pisces today, adding to the emotionality in the air and adding a note of passive aggression.  Mars rules over our aggressive instinct, and in Pisces it is less able to express itself directly so we may find ourselves indulging in behavior that is self-defeating in an effort to assert ourselves.  Making a conscious effort to confront problems head-on will help overcome the passivity of the Pisces Mars.

The Moon makes a harmonious trine to Mercury today at 2:45 pm EDT, facilitating our creative process and making this a great time for art, writing or musical endeavors.  We can be most productive during this time in projects where our heart (Moon) can connect to what we are doing – where there is an emotional payoff.

The Moon will face off in a square to Jupiter at 1:53 am EDT, creating a generosity of spirit and an openness of heart that could make for a fun evening if you plan to be out late.  This openness will also be well–suited for an evening of quiet contemplation and meditation, or communing with those you love.  

When we wake up tomorrow (some of us anyway, at around 6 am EDT) the Moon will be in a harmonious sextile to Saturn, giving us the focus and discipline for Sunday chores or family commitments.  As we approach the trine from the Moon to revolutionary Uranus at around 3:15 pm, we become flooded with new ideas and an awareness that many new possibilities await us.  At the same time, though, the Moon is moving towards a challenging square to Chiron and Neptune and we may find ourselves tempted to lose ourselves in any painful experiences that may be occurring in our life.  When I confront a deep misery within me, I often find it useful to jump right into it rather than try to avoid it.  That way I learn more about where it is coming from, and what it is asking of me.  That is what is highlighted this evening.  

This potentially challenging period will last from about 3 pm until around 8:30 EDT, after which time the Moon and Sun will be in a trine formation and a general sense of well-being will return.  
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