Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.
The Full Moon occurs tonight at 10:38 pm EDT.  This is likely to be a fairly powerful event because the opposition of the Sun to the Moon that creates the Full Moon is aligned with the opposition of Saturn to Uranus, illuminating the conflict between the old ways (Saturn) and the new (Uranus). The harder Saturn tries to hold onto the status quo, the more impulsive and reckless the Uranian influence becomes, and vice versa.
The Virgo Moon is conservative anyway, and the Moon now is aligned with Saturn causing the fear of that which is new to become more deeply entrenched. Virgo and Saturn both require a sense of safety and security in the material world and neither has patience for the new ideas and plans of Uranus, no matter how brilliant.
The Pisces Sun, on the other hand, conjuncts Uranus during the Full Moon and its idealism is enthralled by the excitement of the Uranian call for change. We can easily see how this will play out on the world stage, but the identical dynamic occurs in our inner world as well. The planets make no trines and no squares now – only conjunctions and oppositions which show a lack of compromise and adaptability. 
Still, Mercury forms a harmonious sextile to Pluto today, which deepens our thought process and will help us to integrate the intensity of the lunar event.  
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