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eclipse.jpgby Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The big news today is the approaching Lunar Eclipse which occurs tomorrow (Monday) morning at 9:49 am est, but which you may have already been experiencing.  The Moon is now in Leo, where there is a sense of celebration and a healthy ego is what is called for now. 
The Full Moon is an opposition between the Leo Moon and the Sun which has become part of the conjunction of Chiron (wounding and healing) with Neptune (dissolving of the Self into a transcendent reality), and here there is a pull between the desire to lose the individual Self (Leo) into spiritual consciousness (Neptune) and the need to express the Self in the fullest way possible (Full Moon in Leo).  Oppositions require balance between two opposites, and this Eclipse period can be used to integrate a healthy sense of Self-love with a willingness to let go of our need for ego gratification and experience Divine love.  
Not everyone experiences eclipses the same way, and some of us won’t notice anything which is perfectly normal.  We may simply feel inclined to focus on events in our life in a certain way, or we may find that something is revealed to us.  It is said that the effect of an eclipse is most powerful where it is visible with the naked eye.  I don’t think I agree with that, both because it conflicts with my personal experience and because it doesn’t mesh with the fact that we certainly feel other planetary dynamics when we don’t see them.  We didn’t see Pluto entering Capricorn, but we certainly felt it!  But for the sake of curiosity, here is a map showing where the eclipse will be most visible:  Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia – all will be in the direct line of the eclipse.  
The presence of Chiron in a tight aspect to the Full Moon will necessitate our looking deeply into whatever emotions or information arises during this time. Chiron is the Wounded Healer and is best known for the Wound that must be Healed, but there is also an element of Wisdom to Chiron that is often missed. In learning more about ourselves by walking through the Fire of remembered pain, we discover a Truth that is far greater than ourselves. 
Neptune is also incorporated into this lunation (lunar event) which assists in the process of achieving a deeper experience of spiritual wisdom, as well as unlocking the creative impulse that can help us to create real magic at this time. The unique combination of true Wisdom from Chiron, the opening of the veils that Neptune provides, and the eclipse of the Leo Moon offers us an opportunity to unmask our conception of the Hero (Leo) and find the true Hero that lies underneath the illusion.
This time of magical possibilities will extend through the 12th when the Sun conjuncts Neptune and completes the interaction of Neptune with the Eclipse event. 
Today we have some faster cycles that we may want to keep in mind: early this morning (4:23 am EST) the Moon, which is now within range of the Full Moon eclipse, opposed Mars.  By now (8:15 am) that aspect is moving away and has been replaced by a trine from the Moon to Venus, a lovely creative aspect that is wonderful for relating to our loved ones early on a Sunday morning.  This would be a good time to call your mother!
The intensity of the eclipse period begins to accelerate with the opposition of the Moon to Jupiter which culminates at 12:43 pm EST.  Under this influence we feel more generous and more positive, but we also may require more freedom and there is a danger that we could feel that our needs are more important than anyone else’s, particularly since the Moon is in Leo here.  Remember the call of Chiron and Neptune to balance the ego’s needs with Universal Compassion – this will help you to work around any blocks that may be thrown your way today.
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