by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

The Moon and planets are quiet this morning, but the Moon is void of course, meaning it will make no aspects to any other planets, until it moves into Aries at 4:24 pm.  Void Moon periods are good for relaxing, taking stock, making plans.  They are not as useful for beginning a new project or doing something that requires sharp mental focus.  

Mercury is approaching a conjunction to Mars now that will perfect (make the exact conjunction) next Tuesday.  Between now and then there is a great deal of mental energy and the potential for verbal flareups as the god of War interacts with the Messenger planet of communication.  Both planets are in Aquarius right now – the sign of intellectual brilliance and new ideas – making this an excellent time for planning and developing new strategies.  

The heightened aggressive energy that is moving in with the Mercury/Mars combination will begin though when the Moon enters Aries this afternoon and there is a general shift towards a greater need to defend one’s boundaries and assert one’s authority.  This will be exacerbated when the Moon forms a square to Pluto later this evening, culminating at around 10 pm EST.  Pluto intensifies everything that it comes into contact with, and with the Aries Moon square to Pluto there is a dramatic intensification of emotional momentum and the need to assert ourselves.  On the positive side though, the depth that Pluto offers gives us an opportunity to see deep within ourselves into our inner motivations and processes.

This intensity will lighten up tomorrow as the Aries Moon harmonizes with Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars.
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