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From Beth Owl’s Daughter’s newsletter this month:

[T]ere is a lovely interpretation
of the 59th hexagram of the I Ching, Huan or Dissolution, which I think
illuminates the lessons we’ve been experiencing in this Wheel of Fortune

“Crisis means opportunity, but
only when all of like mind can be organized behind one compelling visionary

“This is particularly true during disorganized times, when
energies and resources are scattered. Great energy and generosity are needed
to seize the moment, and rally behind the common cause.

“At such
times, remember, if you are not part of the cause, you will become one of the

The reorganization of scattered energy is a useful image for Pluto in Capricorn.  Capricorn is about building forms that hold and channel energy which has become scattered into a structure that is serviceable and practical.  The illusions of the past are scattered in the wind, and we organize to build new forms that will better serve us now.  

The link in Beth’s post offers other useful Pluto in Capricorn advice:

Nothing survives forever, not even rocks, not even the most rigid of
structures.  The erosion of that which has been solid is not necessarily bad: it
can mean that something new is being created.  The image is of ice floes,
hardened in winter, dispersing in the warmth of spring; when the ice melts, a
mighty river emerges.Rigidity in the hearts of men tends to breed a separateness
which can only be thawed by a greater force: typically, some strong spiritual
stirring.  The thawing of cold hearts brings good fortune.

The first thing to dissolve is any internal rigidity which separates you from
others.  Try to work more closely with others, concentrating on common
activities which evidence your integrity and native goodwill.  Sudden, strong
action in support of a greater good can lift the spirit, and lead toward new
possibilities in many areas.  Spiritual impulses – including righteous
indignation and a strong sense of justice – should be honored, and acted upon. 
They can provide the initial impulse to important and constructive change.

And if you should have any lingering business or other partnerships which are
inactive or not working, you might consider dissolving these as well.

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