I was honored to be chosen as the astrology blogger to select the Top Ten astrology blogs for Blogs.com and you can imagine what a difficult job it was to pick just ten out of the many many great astrology blogs that are around today.  I tried to select a good cross-section of the various types of astrology blogs that are representative of the great astrology information that is out there, and I wanted sites that are updated regularly because this is important to the Blogs.com folks.  I wish I could have sent my entire blogroll!!

So these are the blogs that are represented (in alphabetical order) and why I chose them – 
Aquarius Papers – Robert Wilkinson’s Aquarius Papers was one of the first astrology blogs, and looks at astrology from a spiritual perspective.  Aquarius Papers is full of great astrological information and wisdom about living a life with a spiritual focus.
Astrotabletalk is written by Dharmaruci Goddard, my Glastonbury compadre.  Astrotabletalk is the blog that is the most like Astrological Musings in its mix of political, personal, and cultural astrology.  
Big Sky Astrology Blog offers up the wit and wisdom of April Elliot Kent.  April’s sense of humor and lighthearted look at life is infectious and smart, and her website is beautiful and fun to visit.
Collaborate with Fate comes from Kathryn Cassidy, also in the UK.  Kathryn has a fascinating eye for astrological symbolism that connects the dots in ways that are innovative and fresh.  
Elsa Elsa advice blog.  What can you say about Elsa!  She’s simply awesome, and relentless in her promotion of the astrology blogosphere.  Elsa gives really good advice,tells it exactly like it is, and has created a wonderful community.
Gryphon Astrology Blog.  Nina Gryphon is a traditional astrologer (while I’m considered a “modern” astrologer), and while she and I don’t agree on everything I think she is one of the best traditional astrologers around.  Plus her blog is gorgeous.  If you like Nina’s blog, be sure to check out Chris Brennan’s Horoscopic Astrology blog as well.
Learning Curve on the Ecliptic.  Unlike the rest of us Twilight isn’t a professional astrologer, but she offers consistently interesting posts on the world around us and how astrological connections, as she says, “permeate everything.”
Nancy’s Political Astrology Blog.  Nancy’s blog offers up great political analysis from a decidedly liberal slant, and the comment stream is nearly as interesting as the articles.  (If you prefer a conservative viewpoint you’re out of luck – there are no political astrology blogs that veer to the right.)  If you like Nancy’s Blog don’t miss Astroworld, and AstroPolitics, two more great political astrology sites.
Neith Net.  Neith is such a lovely person (my fellow Libra!), and this blog has a very personal approach to planetary events.  She has a couple of other blogs too, but this is still my favorite.  
Raging Universe.  For beautiful graphics, poetry, glorious language and astrological dazzle, nothing beats Raging Universe by the mysterious JM.  A feast for the senses!
All of the sites in my blogroll in the sidebar have been hand-picked by me to be the best astrology blogs on the web.  Though they may not have made it into the Top Ten, each one is worth a look!
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