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full-moon.jpgThe Moon is full today at 4:03 pm EDT with the Moon at 22 degrees Aries opposing the Libra Sun. Under the influence of the Full Moon, the Aries influence of the Moon supersedes the solar power of Libra and injects a note of individuality and primacy of one’s own needs (Aries) over the desire for harmony that Libra prefers. 

Wherever this Full Moon falls in your chart, the issues of that astrological house will be energized and receive a powerful dose of inspiration and enthusiasm as the fire of Aries is injected into your life. You may find yourself feeling a little more courageous, a little more adventurous than you normally are.  Aries is willful and desires immediate action in order to fulfill our desires.   
The Moon is exactly sextile Neptune here, facilitating creativity and a spiritual understanding of the Aries need for courage and adventure. Aries is simple in nature – enthusiastic and courageous, though impatient. The Neptune influence is a softening factor that adds a note of compassion and intuition to the boldness of Aries. A trine of Saturn (form and structure) from Jupiter (expansive optimism) provides a methodology to achieve our goals and take advantage of new opportunities to fulfill our dreams and desires. 
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