The Full Moon on the 15th is the Harvest Moon, so named because the period between 


sunset and moonrise is shorter as we near the Autumnal Equinox which makes for a longer workday on the farm.  
This Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces. During the Full Moon, the Sun opposes the Moon, and there is a tension between the conscious mind and the more lunar instinctive emotions. With the Sun in Virgo, the tension in this Full Moon is between creating order out of our mundane reality (Virgo) and a yearning for something more transcendent and mystical (Pisces). As spiritual beings living on the earth plane, it is imperative that we learn to perfect this balance, and this Full Moon is a wonderful time to integrate the details of our lives with our spiritual awareness.
The chart for the Full Moon incorporates close conjunction from the Moon to Uranus, the planet of disruption, innovation and change. Here there is a polarization between the desire for change as presented by Uranus and the need for order and security that is prized by the Virgo Sun. Change is inevitable, and the presence of Uranus reminds us to let go of the things in our past that restrain us or keep us from moving forward.  The energy of Uranus can be intense as Uranus rules electromagnetic energy and radiation, so if this Moon (at 23 degrees Pisces) affects your chart you may find yourself unable to sleep and feeling wired.  Spending time in water can help soothe Uranian nerves and assist with entering the flow that Pisces requires.
The Full Moon chart also includes a trine from Jupiter to Saturn. This is a powerful alliance that helps us to integrate the confidence and opportunities that Jupiter provides with the discipline and achievement that Saturn fosters. This combination will help give form to our endeavors.
Mercury, Mars and Venus are all conjunct in Libra now, where relationships and harmony are called for.  For several days following the Full Moon, this intrepid trio of planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus) enter into a lovely dance (trine) with Neptune, planet of mysticism and spirituality. This is a beautifully creative time during which the soul can truly sing as long as the Mars energy is integrated properly into our lives. Mars is pure energy and can be directed in positive or negative ways. If we use its energy to express our needs appropriately, defend our boundaries peacefully and power our bodies physically, Mars is not likely to create too many problems but we may find ourselves in disagreements or arguments that require balance and negotiation. Mars and Mercury will remain in alignment with Neptune until the 24th or so, but the Venus influence here will last only a few days.
Still, there are some broader influences at work.  Pluto has just changed direction and is still stationary, and the intensity of its power is being felt all over the world.  We are also in the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde period, when communication becomes more difficult and we must go back over episodes in the past that need to be reworked in order to move forward when the Retrograde cycle is complete.
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