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Virgo is about a return to purity and respect for the mind/body/spirit connection, and for this reason it is connected to matters of health and healing. Ever since Saturn entered Virgo last fall, we have been confronted by revelations about factors in our environment that affect our health.

lipstick.jpgWith three planets in Libra, beauty products have been a big part of my life.  I love cosmetics and experimenting with different types of makeup and skincare.  Still, with Mercury and Venus both in the sixth house (ruled by Virgo) I have a strong interest in health and the body’s delicate ecological balance.  I’ve been aware for some time that commercial beauty products contain chemicals that have been suspected carcinogens, which is why I purchase most of my cosmetics at the Whole Foods counter. I would never inject my skin with botulism or stick toxic paints into my skin in a tattoo even though I love the idea of permanent eyeliner.

Today I stumbled on an article in the UK Daily Mail about one woman’s search for safe cosmetics, and that led me on a trail through the World Wide Web that resulted in my finding the Cosmetics Database, a great site for researching the safety of cosmetics.  I was shocked to find my favorite natural cosmetics in the list of those containing high levels of toxic ingredients, including my Rachel Perry foundation and my Derma E night cream.  Even my favorite Kiehls moisturizer scored poorly.  

One of the chemical families of concern in cosmetics is the paraben group, including propylparaben and methylparaben.  The FDA is not authorized to regulate cosmetic ingredients, and its website reports that the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) declared in 1984 that parabens were safe, and reaffirmed that decision in 2005.  The FDA does note, however, that the CIR is sponsored by the cosmetics industry.

Parabens have been demonstrated to have an estrogenic effect, and estrogen simulators could be tied to a higher incidence of breast cancer.  The Washington Post reported last November on the subject, citing several research studies that suggest a correlation.  This article suggests purchasing organic products such as Dr. Hauschka, Weleda and Burt’s Bees, but a search in the cosmetic database reveals that Dr. Hauschka products contain high levels of toxins.  Burt’s Bees products scored much better, as did Weleda. 

Perfumes and deodorants are two of the biggest offenders.  The rock crystal deodorants had a score of zero toxicity, and I have found them to be extremely effective.  There’s an easy solution to the perfume problem:  The Fragrance Shop sells pure essential oil formulations of all popular fragrances including discontinued scents.

My friend Cynthia Loving has a wide selection of handcrafted skincare products that are just wonderful.

Saturn in Virgo seeks a return to a simpler way of life that is more balanced and in harmony with the natural world.  Saturn is the planet of restriction, limitation and disappointment, but also the planet of planning and success.  Saturn’s entry into Virgo has coincided with a universal awakening of the delicate ecological balance of the world in which we live!

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