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astro-clock.jpgWelcome to Astrodynamics, a blog about the movements of the planets and how they affect our lives. Astrology is much more complex than the “sun sign” astrology you see in your daily paper: each of us has our own unique blueprint which is the horoscope, and the dance between the earth and the planets, sun and moon facilitate cycles on earth and within ourselves.  Increasing our understanding and knowledge of these cycles helps us to be able to navigate them more effectively and create genuine transformation in our lives.  We are not limited by our stars, as William Shakespeare said, only in how we use what we’ve been given.

In this blog you’ll find daily updates on planetary configurations and meanings, as well as horoscopes of famous people and events in the news.  We’ll explore connections between cultural trends and planetary cycles, and discuss strategies for managing times of crisis.  Political discussions here lean to the left, but other viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged!  Religious discussions lean toward the unorthodox, but all faiths are respected here.  

Although Astrological Musings is new to Belief Net, there are over 2-1/2 years of writings in the archives!  Take a look, and visit our new Astrological Musings community where you can ask questions, share your views, and ask a free question for astrological advice.  Stop by and introduce yourself! 

Your comments and feedback are always encouraged, so welcome aboard!

Update: The Beliefnet Community appears to be fully functional now so please join us! 

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