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red-moon.jpgI remembered the Moon was full tonight when it shone so brightly through my window that I had trouble sleeping! 

The Moon is full early in the morning on July 18, and the chart of this lunar event includes the Capricorn Moon and the Cancer Sun, the polarities of achievement and success (Capricorn) balanced with home and family (Cancer) requiring alignment and balance.

Virtually all of the major aspects from the New Moon are still in play: the conjunction of Mars to Saturn, the conjunction of Chiron to the North Node. This lunation will shine a bright light anywhere in our lives where we have not yet balanced our outer (Capricorn) and inner (Cancer) worlds. An opposition from Mercury in Cancer to Jupiter in Capricorn echoes the Sun/Moon polarity and seeks to bring a more conscious element of choice and understanding (Mercury) that will serve to expand our awareness (Jupiter).

This opening into a new awareness continues until the 22nd when the Sun enters Leo and a creative energy suffuses us with the desire to express ourselves in new ways, and a trine of Mercury (thought and communication to Uranus (innovation and authenticity) inspires us to accelerate our understanding and learn new ideas and new pathways.

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