Looking ahead, March is going to be a month packed with astrological adventure, including the Vernal Equinox occurring at the Full Moon which forms a Grand Cross to the Mars/Pluto opposition. Fasten your seat belts!! Here’s a tidbit…

As March begins, four planets are still in Aquarius: Venus, Mercury, Chiron & Neptune. This is still a strong Aquarian signature, with the voice of reason prevailing over emotion for the most part. Only one planet (Saturn) is in retrograde motion, and until April 2, when Pluto changes direction, there is a decidedly forward emphasis in most areas of our worldly experience. In May both Jupiter and Neptune will retrograde and we will begin to retrace our steps again.

There are a lot of planetary interactions in March, signaling a period of activity and change even though these are largely interactions between the faster moving planets that are of shorter duration and less significant in scope. For the first week or so of March Venus, Mercury and Chiron are in conjunction, fusing their energies to promote healing (Chiron) of our relationship to ourselves and to others (Venus) and our ability to communicate and relay information (Mercury). The Chironic process of healing is not always an easy one; it requires our attention and willingness to walk into the fire of potentially painful emotions. During Chironic periods we are extremely sensitive to the buttons of our old wounds being pushed, and there is potential during this first week for emotional reactions in the extreme. Chiron is in play throughout the month with an inconjunct (30 degree aspect) to Uranus that will come to fruition at the end of the month. Combinations of Chiron and Uranus can make it difficult to integrate our internal wisdom (Chiron) with the pressures of a restless desire for change (Uranus). This can result in an energy imbalance that may require additional steps to improve, such as with yoga, long walks or hot baths.

Ideally, we will take this opportunity to feel a little more deeply and invite these emotions to enter into the conscious realm where they can be recognized and then released. This process will be particularly powerful for those of us with planets in the middle degrees of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus).

While all of this is going on, Mars is moving into position for its final opposition to Pluto, a cycle that began last fall and has followed the planets as both have changed signs: from Mars in Gemini opposing Pluto in Sagittarius to Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is our drive, our aggressive instinct, and you can see how things can get a little riled up when Mars is interacting with Pluto, Lord of Death and Transformation. Pluto tends to put its Supreme Foot down when Mars gets uppity, but in the final cycle we often see the resolution of that battle. Mars and Pluto together are a formidable combination that results in irrevocable change when the lessons from the earlier phases of the cycle are integrated. Mars re-enters the sign of Cancer on March 4 and the final opposition is March 6, but we will be feeling its effects for several days prior to that which is likely to add a combative influence to the touchiness of the Chiron conjunctions mentioned above. Fortunately, a conjunction of sweet Venus and romantic Neptune will soften the edges of any conflicts that come up, providing creative ways to move through difficulties and release old patterns as Neptune’s urge to dissolve and transcend does its magic.

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