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If you’re on my mailing list you already know about this, but for you others I’m preparing to begin online classes in March. I’m trying to finalize the times of classes and before I do this I’d like to know if there’s anyone else interested other than the people who have already emailed me.

I’ve found an online classroom that permits you to participate without having to telephone in if you don’t want to (you can listen with your computer speakers and ask questions via a chat window), and you can sign up either individually if there are just one or two that you are interested in, or for the whole series. If you don’t get in this time don’t despair, I’ll be offering these on an ongoing basis, probably two cycles a year. I will also record the classes and make them available for purchase.

The first class will be a very basic introduction to astrology and the symbols. Then the three series will begin, with a week in-between to give us all a break. Here is the syllabus which is subject to change:

Beginning .

Understanding the Signs
Understanding the Planets and Luminaries
Analysis of the Houses, including the angles and quadrants
How aspects work
Rulerships and associations, and putting the symbols together

Delineating the chart (chart analysis)
Transits and progressions
Relationships #1 – synastry
Relationships #2 – more on synastry and the composite chart
Life cycles and personal evolution (returns and midlife cycles)

Understanding energy flow in the chart
Psychospiritual themes
Working with the gods – using transits for transformation
Nodes of the moon and other karmic placements
Working with the difficult chart: case studies

Classes will be $25/each, or $100 for the series of five. Recordings will be available (hopefully!) for the same price. If you’re interested in signing up for any of these classes, please send me an email with your preferred time from these selections, all Eastern time (please convert your time to Eastern!):

1 pm Sunday
7 pm Sunday
9 am Saturday
7 pm weekdays
9 pm weekdays

If you don’t get your preferred time during this cycle, you may get it next time around.

And for those of you near Chapel Hill/Carrboro/Pittsboro, I’ll be teaching the same series locally at 7 pm on Wednesday evenings. Please email me to be notified when these classes will start.

Thanks and have a great Sunday!

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