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Sally at Astroworld tells me that many astrologers use the 1956 chart for modern Pakistan since that is the date that Pakistan was declared an Islamic Republic. It took nearly eight years after the establishment of Pakistan as a nation (the 1947 chart) for the various factions to come to an agreement. (See yesterday’s post for a review of the 1947 chart). My source is the Book of World Horoscopes by Moon Moore uses the 1947 chart with a birth time of midnight. Other sources use 9:30 am as the time of birth.

I don’t agree with the use of the 1956 chart for Pakistan since a new constitution was enacted in 1973 and that is the constitution which is in use today, so it seems that if any modern chart is to be used it would be the 1973 chart. But still, the nation of Pakistan did not change with the signing of the Constitution, so I feel the original chart still holds the essential nature of that country. So until I learn more on the subject I’ll stick to the 1947 chart. I welcome your comments and thoughts on the subject.

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