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My everyday readers are very familiar with my terrible proofreading, but today I was worse than usual. I generally start preparing to write the Skywatch article days in advance so that I won’t be caught at the last minute but that didn’t happen today and I was scrambling to finish it this morning before an appointment. Unfortunately it contained quite a few errors and thanks to those of you who wrote me with various corrections which I have made today. I’ll go through and check it tomorrow to be sure it’s comprehensive and makes sense. I will attempt to blame it on Mercury Rx, but you all know it has more to do with my Gemini ascendant.

As it turned out, I realized that the appointment that I rushed to finish Skywatch for had already been rescheduled until next week, and then I spent three hours unsuccessfully trying to find a hotel or cabin for our upcoming weekend in western North Carolina that would take our dog. When I came home Rich said that he spent five minutes on the computer and found one.

When I arrived at my office my wireless network wasn’t working, so I called my computer guy. He arranged to meet me after my client session. Naturally, by the time he arrived the network was working!

Tales from the trenches. Fortunately Neptune turned direct yesterday after having stationed for the past week or two in a sextile to Jupiter which has been a sweet aspect with which to end the month. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune brings a fresh and hopeful perspective that we can all definitely use! It will be within orb for another week or so which should help us recover from any lingering retrograde effects!

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