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Thanks to Molly Nagy for posting a link to this article in the Huffington Post on the astrology of Hillary Clinton who turned 60 over the weekend:

Last time I told you I am a one-issue voter. Now I will reveal that issue. It is the candidate’s astrological sign.

What, do you have some “better” issue you base your votes on? I’d like to hear it, then.

Face it, the zodiac issue is much more important than what the candidates say, do or believe. This is about character. The kind given to you by the position of the planets when you’re born. That’s why no matter what happens, I’m voting for Scorpio Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose birthday is today! (Mine’s tomorrow!)

The article goes on to quote from Jeff Jawer’s astrological profile on the site and concludes with a zodiacal review of the other candidates:

Scorpio: Bill Richardson, Joe Biden;* Gemini: Chris Dodd, John Edwards; Taurus: Mike Gravel, Stephen Colbert (these two have the same birthday!); Libra: Dennis Kucinich; Leo: Barack Obama

*Note: Even if one of these two gets the nomination, of course I’ll vote for Hillary anyway, because she is obviously a more powerful Scorpio, since she’s beating these other Scorpios badly.

Of course she is, Hillary has four planets in Scorpio, and they are squared by Mars, Saturn and Pluto!!

Here’s my own profile of Hillary from an earlier post:

Hillary Clinton’s birthchart shows a strong personality: She has four planets in intense Scorpio, including her Sun, Chiron, Venus and Mercury. Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign that imposes a passion on everything the individual does or feels. Scorpios are never superficial or dilletantes – they bury themselves in virtually everything they encounter. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld, death and transformation, and Scorpios have no fear of the underworld of the emotional realm. Hillary’s Sun makes no aspect to any other planet, showing an individual who can find it difficult to make real connections with others. On the other hand, this can make it easier for one’s light (Sun) to shine without the need for support from others.

Chiron (wounded healer) is conjunct Venus in Hillary’s chart, linking the painful wounds of Chiron to the ability to relate to others and attract relationships that Venus represents. Chiron in tandem with Venus indicates an early psychic wounding in her sense of attractiveness and desirability and a tendency to continue to attract experiences that mirror this until the wound enters the conscious arena and can be healed. Certainly we can see this in her relationship with Bill Clinton as it has played out on the public stage. However, Jupiter in Hillary’s chart is in Sagittarius, indicating a general faith and optimism (Sagittarius) that is the basis of her world view (Jupiter).

Mercury (communication) is retrograde in Hillary’s chart and it is squared by Saturn, showing a difficulty (Saturn) in expressing herself (Mercury) in a way that is clear and understood by others. Mercury retrograde people tend to process information in a way that is more internalized than the general population, and often find themselves misunderstood. This has been a problem for her on the political stage, and requires a great deal of planning and preparation before making public speeches.

Hillary has a powerhouse conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Saturn all in Leo, and possibly (if the birthtime is close) in the third house of communication. This helps her to overcome the difficulties inherent in the retrograde Mercury, and harnesses the power of Mars (warrior energy), Pluto (transformation and personal power) and Saturn (discipline and hard work). And all in the sign of Leo, the sign that celebrates life and requires admiration in order to survive. Leo is the sign of nobility and royalty, and a concentration in this sign often brings about a desire to gain recognition for one’s essential being – not, as with Capricorn, for one’s achievements. It’s no wonder Hillary has been an overachiever all of her life!

Having survived her second Saturn Return which set off this Mars/Pluto/Saturn dynamic in her chart and was part of the Saturn/Neptune opposition, along with difficult Chiron transits over the past year, I am inclined to believe that Mrs. Clinton can survive anything. Her progressed Sun crossed the descendant of her natal chart (the cusp of the seventh house of partnerships) in July of 2007 and she began bringing Bill along to her campaign appearances which helped her tremendously. By the time of her Jupiter return last month her fundraising levels had exceeded Obama’s.

The square of transiting Chiron to Hillary’s natal Chiron will conclude in December and this could bring about the last in a series of crisis in relationships. During the first hit of this Chiron transit David Geffen, a long-time Clinton ally, spoke out against her in a very public interview with Maureen Dowd. During the second hit of the transit in August a fundraising scandal brought her poll numbers to their lowest ever.

Harmonious transits to Hillary’s Sun and Progressed Sun throughout next summer will give her the stamina and discipline she needs to keep going in a very difficult campaign, but transiting Chiron will square Venus in her chart through September, so I would expect more difficulty with the people in her life, probably staffers or other such allies. Beginning early next year a transit of Pluto over her sensitive Moon (emotions) could bring her some difficulty through November, although with her sheer force of will she may be able to convert the challenges of Pluto into raw power. Hillary’s Moon is at the last degree of Pisces in the tenth house of career and public life, and this transit of Pluto over that point could serve to propel her even more forcefully into the public arena just in time for the elections.

note: There is a great deal of disagreement over Hillary’s birth time per this article in Astrodatabank. The 8 am time gives her Scorpio rising but puts all of her Scorpio planets in the twelfth house and on the ascendant and puts her Moon in the fourth house where she would need to be spending more time at home. Hillary has always made it clear that this was not her desire, and her hunger for public life can be easily explained by the placement of the Moon in the tenth house. I have bumped the ascendant forward a few minutes from the 8 pm time commonly given for Hillary’s birth time to give her a Cancer ascendant which is clearly mirrored in her moon-shaped face.

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