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Nancy Waterman skewers the fourth branch of government today:

As long suspected, it was always the secretive, dark shadow of the multi-tentacled Cheney standing behind the torture memos, the decimation of the Bill of Rights, the environmental deregulation, and a host of other nefarious and destructive Bush policies. With the Cheney monster’s maw now visible for the world to see, one can only hope the daylight will decimate this vampire who has been sucking the life out of our once-respected democracy.

As might be suspected, Dick of the Dark Side has enjoyed powerful planetary configurations for much of the Bush Presidency. From 2004 though 2006, he was under progressed Mars opposite progressed Pluto and, subsequently, progressed Mars opposite natal Pluto (03Leo02). The latter aspect is now waning. Since April 2007 and through mid-March 2008, he has Uranus square to natal Mars (17Sagittarius45). While the two planetary combinations bear some similarities in terms of increased aggression and a refusal to bend to the will of others, the Pluto/Mars influence is more manipulative, secretive, and obsessive about control, while the Uranus/Mars energy suggests sudden upsets that are dealt with aggressively and with an insistence on being a law unto himself. The Uranus square to Cheney’s Mars is very strong from June 23 through mid-August 2007, and we can expect he will put up a good fight to maintain his extra-Constitutional power. Although he will be under tremendous pressure with many obstacles through July 18, he is likely to win this particular battle and live to fight on another day. The difficulties will be intensified from now through July 18, with Saturn opposite his natal Mercury, and events until that time will conspire to limit his power. But the second half of July and the early weeks of August will bring progressed Moon square to progressed Jupiter, and a new wave of optimism (and likely some vacationing) will revive him considerably.

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