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John Townley made a comment in response to the earlier post “A Sad Tale” about a man who killed his son because of his astrological chart. John noted:

One of the results of having astrology as a major part of the culture is that you get a lot more really strange and often tragic stories. In the last year we’ve linked tales from the Subcontinent and environs that include the astrologer who led a lynch mob (because of an improper marriage)and one who burned himself to death in the public square, among other sad and crazy tales. Add a lot of Caesarians, particularly recently, to get the right birth time, and it adds up to what would be the expected occasional misuse of a valuable tool when a lot of people are using it…here next, perhaps…

Although I would love to see astrology become so mainstream in the western world that it is taught in schools to help people navigate challenging times in their life, I think it’s silly to use astrology for what is effectively genetic engineering. In India it is said that up to 70% of all patients in one hospital selected caesarian birth in order to choose an auspicious birthchart for their child. Evidently the trend is up elsewhere as well: in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand.

I’ve done readings for people who were born by C-section or whose mother’s labor was induced pharmaceutically, and their charts are as accurate as any others so I have to conclude that no matter what the birth method the soul is still in charge.

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