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Jupiter is currently square to Uranus, an aspect which typically causes us to expand (Jupiter) our ability to take in and absorb radical information (Uranus). At the same time Saturn is trine to Jupiter which tends to keep our feet on the ground while we explore wildly contested theories. Which makes me think perhaps there is something to this:

The objects scientists think are black holes could instead be wormholes leading to other universes, a new study says. If so, it would help resolve a quantum conundrum known as the black hole information paradox, but critics say it would also raise new problems, such as how the wormholes would form in the first place.

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One argument that has been made against interterrestrial travel is the vast distances involved, but the wormhole theory would facilitate travel across those distances in short periods of time.

I remember first reading about this as a child in the fantastic book “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engel. In this book, two children travel across dimensions to rescue their father and they accomplish this through a “tesseract” which is actually a geometric figure of a four dimensional cube. In the book, by opening up the four dimensional cube the children are able to travel along a fifth dimension. However, the process explained in the book by which the children travel through “a wrinkle in time” more closely parallels the definition of a wormhole except that two points in space are folded together so that the distance becomes shorter. I was completely fascinated by this and it left a huge impression on me.

Einstein said that no body can travel faster than the speed of light, but even Einstein could be wrong. Many scientific theories that were previously regarded as solid fact have been disproved, and today’s science fiction is the science of tomorrow.

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