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art by John F. Johnson from Appel Gallery.

One of the wonderful things about the astroblogosphere is the wide variety of perspectives that we become exposed to. Elsa with her down-to-earth advice that brings a cosmic understanding to a level that anyone can understand; Jeffrey’s psychological approach and film connections. April is like a good friend who sneaks in her astrological brilliance whilst regaling us with tales of her fascinating life. Nina offers the best of traditional and horary astrology, while Neith grounds us in tales of the natural world and an occasional recipe or family photo. These are just a few of the great astrology blogs you’ll find in the blogroll.

Occasionally some of us find ourselves musing in the same direction, such as when Phil Brown and I both covered Science and Spirit on the same day. Dharmaruci and I are often on the same wavelength with similar posts. Now Kathryn Cassidy and I find ourselves in Blogchronicity Land concerning the new photos of the Sun from the Hinode satellite, a phenomenon which Kathryn connects to the film Sunshine. Kathryn writes:

Now, no-one is suggesting that the Hinode Satellite has discovered that our Sun is presently in its death throes – although we all know that one day, like all stars, it has to burn out. What is interesting is the parallels of art imitating life and the two stories arising together just as the Sun has entered the fire sign of Aries. Additionally, the launch date in 2006 was the day the Sun reached the Autumn Equinox i.e., as the Sun was passing from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere. As it resurfaced this week (from our vantage point) over the Celestial equator at the Spring Equinox (and crosses back into the Northern hemisphere) the Hinode (sunrise) story surfaces and promotion of the Sunshine film really ‘hots up’. Interesting eh!

The web being woven by the astroblogging community (including you, dear readers) is not only disseminating valuable astrological information, but also increasing all of our knowledge by leaps and bounds. These synchronistic events not only link us together, but help us to expand our understanding by adding additional dimensions to each thought and idea that we share. It’s truly an amazing thing!!

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