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From Universe Today:

One of the great outstanding questions in science is known as the “theory of everything”. What underlying laws of physics explain the forces we see in nature? Are gravity and electromagnetism the same force? One popular theory is known as string theory, and proposes that everything in the Universe is made up of tiny, vibrating strings.

String theory’s mathematics work best when you invoke extra dimensions, beyond the 3 (plus time) that we can detect. Mathematicians propose that these extra dimensions are there, they’re just really small, and curled up inside the dimensions we can detect.

Many of us are beginning to perceive these extra dimensions, particularly those with strong Chiron influences in their charts. Chiron is the bridge between the personal planets (up to Saturn) and the transpersonal (Uranus through Pluto), and seems to have a role in opening our psyche to multidimensional awareness, particularly when working in concert with Neptune. But I never thought that there was scientific backing for this.

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from the University of Wisconsin.

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