In my counseling practice I often find that clients are stuck in their lives because of their belief systems. These belief systems are rooted at the deepest level of our psyche and have a powerful effect on our fate and future. “I would like to be an artist but I have no talent.” “People always hurt me.” “I’ll never make any money.” The birthchart identifies the underlying psychological complexes that create these beliefs, but from there we need to go further to make lasting changes and create new visions for our lives. This is the “dynamic” part of the Astrodynamics process.

I am living proof that the process works. I was raised in an environment of negativity, with messages such as these: “No matter how hard you work there’s never enough money.” “Don’t try too hard, you’ll just be disappointed.” “Don’t take that risk, it’s too dangerous.” “No one likes you so don’t even bother.” In my early adult years I just did what I had to do to get by and muddle through. It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s and began my real estate career that I discovered the effectiveness of setting goals. Once I saw how well setting goals worked in my real estate business I began setting goals for other aspects of my life including my fledgling astrology practice.

Over time the setting of goals evolved into a technique to create a new vision for my life. A whole new world opened up that had previously been closed to me as the universe revealed itself to be limitless and full of possibility. On a material level I now have much of what I dreamed of 15 years ago: the very house on a pond with five acres that I had envisioned, a soul mate with whom to share my life and evolutionary path, financial stability and success, and a rich social life with friends that I adore.

There’s something powerful in the very act of opening up to the possibility of change in our lives. There are some practical guidelines for making this a daily practice which you can read here. The stronger the practice the more effective it will be, but just opening to possibility will begin the process. I’ll leave you with the cornerstone of my vision statement, perhaps you will want to make it yours as well:

Power to achieve any goal flows through me and I effortlessly manifest all that I wish for, in joyful harmony with my destiny and purpose.

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