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Ascension, by Willow Arlenea

I don’t pretend to know anything about physics, but clearly there is an acceleration of energy on our planet and possibly beyond (see Time is Speeding Up.) The sign Aquarius and its ruler Uranus are associated with electromagnetic energy and the science of quantum physics, and currently we are under an influence called “mutual reception” where Uranus is in the sign of Pisces which is ruled by Neptune, and Neptune is in the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. Neptune and Pisces are associated with the experience of transcendence as well as dissolution of the Self and delusion, and the combination of Uranus and Neptune tends to bring about extreme changes in consciousness, both positive and negative. Uranus deals with the electromagnetic energy of the auric field and awakens us to new understandings while Neptune softens the boundaries of material reality to expose us to a more transcendent meaning of life.

The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in 1992-1995 witnessed a psychic opening for many people and an expansion of awareness as the “new age” movement went mainstream. The commercialization of consciousness resulted in a vast number of charlatans and so-called channelers and mediums. Science (Uranus) fiction (Neptune) blurred with reality during this period when UFO research took over the mainstream media with the X-files and the Roswell Alien Autopsy video.

I found this interesting article which claims that energy from space (a very Uranian concept) is contributing to the changes we are experiencing here on earth, particularly changes in our geological environment such as climate changes. I have no idea whether any of this makes scientific sense, but it certainly fits the Uranus/Neptune cosmology:

It is quite natural for the whole biota of the Earth to be subjected to these changing conditions of the electromagnetic field, and to the significant deep alterations of Earth’s climatic machinery. These fundamental processes of change create a demand within all of Earth’s life organisms for new forms of adaptation. The natural development of these new forms may lead to a total global revision of the range of species, and life, on Earth. New deeper qualities of life itself may come forth, bringing the new physical state of the Earth to an equilibrium with the new organismic possibilities of development, reproduction, and perfection. In this sense it is evident that we are faced with a problem of the adaptation of humanity to this new state of the Earth; new conditions on Earth whose biospheric qualities are varying, and non-uniformly distributed. Therefore the current period of transformation is transient, and the transition of life’s representatives to the future may take place only after a deep evaluation of what it will take to comply with these new Earthly biospheric conditions. Each living representative on Earth will be getting a thorough “examination,” or “quality control inspection,” to determine it’s ability to comply with these new conditions.These evolutionary challenges always require effort, or endurance, be it individual organisms, species, or communities. Therefore, it is not only the climate that is becoming new, but we as human beings are experiencing a global change in the vital processes of living organisms, or life itself; which is yet another link in the total process.

This sounds very much like what I wrote about the transition between the Piscean and Aquarian age which according to most astronomers begins in 2658 (although certainly we are in the transition period now). This means that the last Aquarian Age took place at about 28,000 BCE, marking the end of the Neanderthal and the birth of Cro Magnon Man. Perhaps we are indeed at the dawning of a new species.

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