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Michael J Fox is a well-loved actor who has been acting since he was fifteen and since then has become one of the most recognizable faces in American and international television. Diagnosed with Parkinsons disease at age 30, he did not go public with the disease until 1998 but has since become one of its foremost spokespersons. Fox has been in the news this past week because of Rush Limbaugh’s accusations of fakery in an advertisement that Fox did for a Democratic political candidate in support of stem cell research.

That physical illness results from a psycho/spiritual and emotional imbalance has been disputed for thousands of years. In today’s age of reason, where science reigns supreme, medical doctors often are unable to diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses.

The astrological chart shows the energetic and elemental balance within the individual. One person may be very fiery, and another very practical or earthy. Others live in the airy realm of ideas, and some in the emotional world of water. Often we see an individual who has a strong element of fire or aggression in their chart that they are unable to express fully, such as in a very earthy person whose earthbound nature prefers a more placid existence and blocks them from exhibiting the passion within them. Fire that simmers within an individual that isn’t given an outlet will soon lead to health issues.

Chiron in the birthchart is associated with psychic wounds that we are repeatedly faced with during our life so that they can be healed. Mars plays a part as well, showing the fiery nature and how it is expressed.

Parkinsons is a neurological disease

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