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Why does this not happen in the US? I guess the difference is that in Hungary they admitted the lies. And the fact that as long as Americans are leading comfortable lives they are less willing to risk that comfort to speak out.

“His country engulfed in the biggest crisis since the fall of Communism, Hungary’s Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, was still clinging to his job last night, despite committing one of the cardinal sins of politics.

“All leaders are sometimes economical with the truth but very few admit it, let alone say that they “lied morning, noon and night” to win an election.

“In Budapest, riot police were preparing for a second night of protests aimed at forcing the 45-year-old millionaire out of office.

“Mr Gyurcsany’s centre-left government knew that telling the truth about the state of the economy would lose them the April election. Yet having lied to the voters, the party faced a problem when it won.

“At a meeting of colleagues soon after the election, the premier made his now infamous 25-minute speech. “We screwed up, big time,” said the Prime Minister. “No country in Europe has been so blatant. We obviously lied throughout the last one and a half to two years. And meanwhile, we didn’t do a thing for four years. Nothing.”

It’s hard to imagine President Bush admit to such a thing. The more untrue Bush’s statements, the more vehemently he argues them. Bush is in the middle of a series of Saturn transits and Saturn is getting ready to hit his Venus at the end of September/early October, forcing him to face (Saturn) issues in all of his relationships (Venus). In addition, Chiron (creating new wounds and possibly healing old ones) is in the process of crossing his descendant which is also affecting his relationships (the descendant is the cusp of the seventh house of partnerships).

This will continue the challenges he has faced in his relationships (Venus) as one by one his political alliances fall away one by one. Tony Blair has already bit the dust, and now rumors have surfaced that Bush’s work wife Condoleeza Rice may have a new romance with Canadian foreign minister Peter MacKay(or perhaps this is a planted story to deflect rumors of a romance in the White House). Bush has been somewhat more conciliatory in his speech at the UN, but with Mars getting ready to hit Bush’s Libra planets (Neptune, Chiron, Moon and Jupiter) over the next few weeks watch for him to become even more belligerent. (Watch what Keith Olbermann has to say about Bush’s recent statement that “it’s unacceptable to think the US is wrong.”

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