Astrological Musings

from Skywatch for August

Jupiter, the planet that drives us to search for the meaning of life, is still in Scorpio where it has been since late last year. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of death, and therefore relishes the journey through the underworld of darkness and emotional baggage. Scorpio seeks power and emotional intensity and Jupiter is the planet of buoyant abundance, so this is an odd combination that expands (Jupiter) the focus on death, secrecy and sexuality, the domains of Scorpio. Scorpio is rather ruthless in its aims, and Jupiter, being the King of the Gods, can be somewhat arrogant and self-righteous and an unfortunate aspect of this combination can be the ruthless slaughter of innocents. Jupiter was last in Scorpio in 1994, witnessing the beginning of the Rwandan massacre and the murders of Nicole Simpson (wife of OJ Simpson in case anyone needs a reminder) and Ron Goldman. That year also witnessed the destruction of part of the planet Jupiter by the Shoemaker-Levy comet that coincided with the conjunction of Jupiter in Scorpio to Pluto.

Jupiter in Scorpio is not all death and destruction; it also opens our minds (Jupiter) to issues of sexuality (Scorpio), and opens up (Jupiter) trade and economic systems (Scorpio). For better or for worse, the processes that take place during Jupiter’s travels through Scorpio create permanent transformation. For example, the 1994 NAFTA (free trade) agreement created a permanent flow of jobs from the US and transformed the American economic system. Although this process has created problems for US workers, it has expanded the economies of other countries and transformed the global balance of power (Jupiter/Pluto).

The passage of Jupiter through Scorpio this year has been marked by the square of Jupiter to Saturn. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn creates limitations and restrictions. Saturn’s purpose is to keep Jupiter from expanding too fast and in an ungrounded way. The final phase of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle ends in October (watch for a new article on this cycle which will be posted shortly on my website).

Jupiter is known as the “greater benefic,” but as in most things astrological that which we think of as “good” is often difficult, and that which we think of as “bad” can be exhilarating catalysts for change. Tun in more tomorrow for more on this complex planetary influence.

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