You can read the whole article here but here is an excerpt. Much of this month’s article has to do with the major planetary events of 2006: Jupiter’s ride through Scorpio, Jupiter trine Uranus, and an introduction to the opposition of Saturn to Neptune which is moving into place:

The introduction:

We begin the month of August with four planets traveling retrograde: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. While there is a strong push by these “outer” or “transpersonal” planets to force us to re-engage ourselves in the process of accelerating our personal development, the personal planets (including Mercury and Jupiter which were retrograding over the past couple of months) are now moving forward and helping us to move forward as well.

The elemental balance, however, is not providing a great deal of fire energy to facilitate that process, with most of the planets now in earth and water signs. The elements of earth and water deal with the more passive (yin), or receptive energies; they are more concerned with the practical details (earth) and emotional connections (water) of life on Planet Earth. Mars, the planet of physical drive, is in Virgo now where it prefers to make plans and strategies than take direct action. Venus, governing relationships and interpersonal interaction, and Mercury, the planet of communication and short journeys, are both in Cancer where the focus turns to home life and feeding the family.

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