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Ever since Mars began its sojourn through Leo in early June, we have seen a surge in violence and aggression. Leo is a fiery sign that demands expression of the ego, and Mars in Leo for a time was conjunct Saturn in Leo, combining the aggressive urge of Mars with the repression of Saturn. A notable event during this Mars/Saturn period was the killing of Al-Zarqawi, head of the so-called Al Qaeda group in Iraq. Perhaps the current heat wave can be linked to the fiery combination of Mars, the fire planet, in the fiery sign of Leo. The firing of nuclear missiles from Korea and the Hezbollah rocket attack on Israel that began the current mideast crisis demonstrate the demand to be recognized (Leo) through flexing of the military muscle (Mars). The refusal of all sides to engage in ceasefire talks in the middle east is also symbolic of the need for Leo to feed the ego.

Mars in Leo is stubborn (Leo is a fixed sign) but also generous and wants to be recognized for good deeds. Mars in Virgo is much more cautious and reserved, and places little or no importance on ego. Virgo desires an orderly existence of service to others, and in Virgo, Mars becomes the strategist, the planner. Venus moved last week into Cancer where it desires to nurture and care for others, so perhaps the combination of these two influences will soften the bellicose posturing we have been seeing in the world recently.

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