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The New Moon occurs in the emotional and family-oriented sign of Cancer at 12:05 pm EST, June 25. During the New Moon, the Sun and Moon (the solar conscious principle and the lunar unconscious principle) are conjunct in the sky in the same sign, both in Cancer. Mercury (communication and mental functioning) is still in the last degrees of Cancer as well, so Cancerian issues of nurturing, family roots and caring for others will be important now.

New Moons are times of beginnings – the New Moon is the start of a new lunar cycle, and a great time to begin new projects, change a habit, set a goal. The energy at a new moon is fresh and new, and for millenia farmers have planted new crops at the New Moon. Planting your garden during the nurturing Cancer New Moon is particularly good for watering and for propagation of new plants by cutting and transplanting. Animals born during the Cancer New Moon are said to make good breding stock. In our personal lives, this is the time to hatch a new business, a new idea and a new plan for taking better care of ourselves.

Cancer also rules our need for emotional security, and under this New Moon we may want to take a closer look at the way in which we seek security. Are we dependent upon physical things for security? Can we develop a stronger base of security within ourselves? Can we open ourselves to depend on those we love without becoming dependent? These are all issues of the Cancer New Moon.

This New Moon makes no aspects to other planets except a wide trine to Jupiter, which will cast a smiling eye (Jupiter rules abundance and possibility) upon our endeavors. The Saturn/ Chiron/ Jupiter configuration is still in effect now so we may not instantly see the fruits of our projects. However, putting in the time (Saturn) and attention (Chiron) now, we will certainly reap the rewards (Jupiter).

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