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Forbes has an interesting video from Arch Crawford, another astrologer specializing in financial advice (although in his case he is more of a financial expert specializing in astrological advice). You’ll notice if you watch the video (requires a highspeed connection) that he is careful to say he uses astronomy for his predictions, not astrology. Perhaps that’s for the benefit of Forbes, who seems to take him very seriously. Evidently he has an excellent track record.

He agrees that there are several indicators this year for market crash conditions, including a curious statement that the “eclipse dates” in the fall are the same as they were in 1987. He cites the eclipse date of September 22, which will be an annular solar eclipse at the new moon. I’m not sure what he means by the dates being the same – however, the market crash of 1987 followed the lunar eclipse on October 9 and preceded the full moon by a few days. Another interesting thing about the September 22 date is that Pluto (death and transformation) squares the solar eclipse, which is bound to be a VERY intense period.

The final pass of the Jupiter/Saturn square occurs in mid-October, which I believe will mark the end of the bloodletting phase of the market. November shows 5 planets aligned in Scorpio, the sign associated with the market, and at that time investors may begin re-entering the market to pick up some good deals and thereby re-energize things(interesting choice of words since Mercury will be retrograde during that period as well).

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