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Hubble telescope images show that the newly discovered “tenth planet” (whose temporary name is Xena) is smaller than first suspected, but far brighter – brighter than nearly any other object in the solar system, reflecting about 86% of the light that reaches its surface. Additionally, Xena is uniformly bright rather than having bright places, hinting that the planet is being continually resurfaced. (Read this article for the scientific details.)

As an astrologer who studies the principle of “as above, so below,” I am fascinated by the symbolism of the solar system. Saturn, surrounded by rings, represents restriction and limitation. Venus, bright star in the sky, is the goddess of love. Jupiter, the largest planet, represents expansion. So what of Xena?

One of the mysteries of astrology is the synchronicity between the names of the planets and their astrological symbolism so until astronomers name this planet we can only speculate as to its astrological effect. Personally, I hope it keeps the name Xena, representing a new feminine archetype for the new Aquarian age – one who fights for truth, freedom and justice (all apt correspondences for the age of Aquarius). Xena rejects the conventional model of marriage and family and makes her own way in the world, following her own path. In any event, the fact of the planet’s exceptional brightness, and its possible continual resurfacing of itself, will likely be one aspect of its meaning.

Perhaps this new planet is the herald of our jump into a new level of consciousness that we could not have imagined before. Where the discovery of Pluto (ruling death, destruction and rebirth) in 1930 became the harbinger of the most violent century ever before known, perhaps the Tenth Planet signifies a new ability for human beings to shed the illusions that keep us from realizing our true nature and our true purpose.

Stay tuned for more details as they come available!

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