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If you missed the article earlier this week on the effects of this Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse, you may want to revisit it here.

The combination of Aries, the God of War and Pluto, the God of Death is a powerful one, likely to engender eruptions of aggression and confrontation, but as Lisa Dale Miller reminds us, Aries is about more than war – it also represents the innocence within us, the Fool of the Tarot that with great trust and confidence is ready to leap into the abyss:

This is a New Moon that asks us to take a leap of faith and do the impossible. This a New Moon to come at who you are with a sense of wonder, magic and first-time awe. Go find out who you are and what you want; you might just be surprised. Even with restricted, controlling, Saturn in Leo trining the Moon and Sun, this is the New Moon to let go of constriction and relearn how to go with the flow. Think of Saturn as all the experience you have had up to this moment. What you have learned, what you have lost and gained. Then let go of the need to believe that nothing can be different. Don’t control the possible now by holding to expectations from the past. We are so busy controlling our lives that we forget to recognize and value synchronicity and serendipity. Learn to let go and trust that everything is as it should be. It makes for a more peaceful and contented life. Though few of us like to admit it, the truth is that security is an illusion because everything is in a constant state of change.

Aries is all about adventure and the indomitable spirit of the adventurer. The Neptune/Venus conjunction in Aquarius should certainly heighten the joy of facing anything new and exciting. Consider trying something different; something you think isn’t you… but might just be. This is also the New Moon to reinvigorate your lust for life. We have all become so fearful and risk-averse. Go on an adventure, be spontaneous, or just do something wild and crazy. There is a time and place for play, and this is the New Moon to remember that all work and no play make us very dull people!

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