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As Saturn continues to oppose Chiron (see earlier article) conflict erupts all over the globe and my hope for expanded negotiations with Mars (aggression) entering Gemini (communication) have not come to fruition–instead, we are seeing the more negative manifestation of Mars in Gemini which becomes easily frustrated and can be unwilling to listen to the other side of the argument.

In addition, Mercury has slowed down before making its retrograde turn on March 2, and this “stationary” period often brings in the difficulties in communication and misunderstandings for which Mercury retrograde is known. Combined with the powerful force of the final sweep of Saturn’s opposition to Chiron, we are becoming embroiled in a stew of aggressive (Mars) reactions to misunderstandings (Mercury Rx and painful political situations (Chiron) which are being pressured (Saturn) to come to fruition so that healing and transition can take place. Add to this the ongoing square between Jupiter (ideology and righteousness) with Neptune (mystery and illusion) and the stew becomes confused and full of dark illusion where the underlying issues become lost.

In Iraq, long-simmering conflicts between Shia and Sunni Muslims have erupted into a firestorm of civil war, with sacred mosques being bombed and hundreds killed. In the Phillipines, a state of emergency has been called after a coup against the government failed.

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