Middle Earth Journal has a good story today about Tom DeLay’s situation, inspiring me to take a look at his astrological situation.

DeLay is an Aries – ruled by the god of war. Aries are forceful, dynamic, and can be self absorbed as they pursue their quest for domination and leadership. His Aries Sun is makes an exact sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus (innovation and autonomy) in his chart, showing us that he is a man who charts his own course. He has Scorpio rising, with buoyant Jupiter on the ascendant – the mask that he wears to the world (rising sign/ascendant) is positive and optimistic (Jupiter). Scorpio rising people can be intimidating (Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld and a very intense character himself), but DeLay’s Jupiter on the ascendant softens this and makes him appear more likeable and approachable. This combination can be very charismatic and very appealing to women especially. Because Jupiter represents religion and theology, on the ascendant (the persona) it can show someone for whom religion is actually a major piece of how he defines himself. Certainly this is true in DeLay’s case.

Mars in his chart, defining how he expresses his drive and aggression, is in watery Pisces – NOT a dynamic placement! Pisces is the most mutable (flexible) of the mutable signs, and is more apt to swim around an issue that confront it head on. An Aries male, ruled by the god of war, can be extremely uncomfortable with such a sensitive Mars and this is probably the root of his well-known tendency towards alcoholism.

The acceleration of Tom DeLay’s rise to power on the national stage began in late 2002 when transiting Pluto made a trine to DeLay’s Sun and opposed Uranus in his chart, and during this time DeLay was instrumental in redrawing Texas jurisdictional maps, resulting in the DeLay-led Republican party taking over both the House and Senate. This transit remained in effect through the end of 2004, and DeLay grew ever more powerful during that period. Despite several admonishments by the House Ethics Committee, his power remained undiminished. Throughout 2005 DeLay experienced a number of Jupiter transits, bloating (Jupiter) his natural tendency for self- aggrandizement.

In August of 2005 transiting Saturn (restriction and discipline) conjuncted DeLay’s natal Saturn–usually a difficult time where we are forced to face the realities of our life and make serious changes. In August 2005 the Federal Elections Commission audited DeLay’s TRMPAC and found serious violations.

DeLay’s astrological forecast shows several challenges ahead for him through next summer. Transiting Saturn will square his natal Chiron (wounded healer), a period that typically brings up old painful experiences and can create health problems if not dealt with – perhaps a recurrence of old alcoholic tendencies. Saturn will also conjunct Pluto, creating power struggles and conflicts. During this period Jupiter will square Pluto, and we are likely to see the famous DeLay bravado continue unabated as his power continues to diminish.

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