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The New Moon this month is in Capricorn on December 30 at 10:11 PM EST. New Moons occur when the lunar principle of emotional mind fuses with the solar principle of conscious mind (the sun conjunct the moon). New moons are times of beginnings, of clearings of old baggage and making a new start. How appropriate that this New Moon occurs just before the New Year, and in Capricorn, the sign of discipline and focus. This is the perfect time to create intention for the new year, to go beyond setting mere resolutions, but hone your focus and intent to create that which you desire in your life. This New Moon makes a trine to Mars, making the physical energy available to make it happen. Mars is square Saturn, so there is some blockage of the energy, but consistent focus will help to break through any blocks you encounter so that you can begin to manifest effectively.

Also in play during this New Moon is a conjunction of Mercury with Pluto in Sagittarius. Mercury represents mental function and Pluto is power and regeneration. Mercury/Pluto periods can help sharpen our focus even more, like a laser with precision and intensity. In Sagittarius Mercury is optimistic and buoyant, and offers the confidence required to believe that all things are possible.

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