When aggressive Mars confronts the king of the gods, watch for blowhards to blow even harder. Mars is retrograde in Taurus, the sign of economic and material security. During the retrograde portion of Mars’ journey, it is gathering together material goods and creating an increased focus on security. Mars retrograding in Taurus is typically beneficial for the stock market. However, Jupiter can represent opportunities and possibilities, and can create a state of overconfidence where we may become reckless. For the next two weeks we will benefit from paying attention to how we are investing our money.

Jupiter also represents our longing to find meaning in life and therefore our theology. The volume is increasing on the so-called “War against Christmas,” and rhetoric in general becomes amplified during Mars/Jupiter periods. Watch for conflicts to escalate in Iraq and other places as Saturn brings in its efforts to restrict (Saturn) dissent (Mars/Jupiter), creating situations where violent reactions are the result. This will be a difficult but productive time, since conflict and tension motivate us to change and evolve.

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