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Scorpio dislikes superficiality, and Mercury in Scorpio dives deep into the underworld to expose the dark underside of events and our own psyche. As Mercury passes back through Scorpio, lots of secrets are coming out into the open. For example, Jill writes about the exposure of Randy Cunningham that is the tip of the domino that is the Abramoff fiasco. Hundreds of Alito’s papers were released today revealing the passionate opinions that lie behind that mild-mannered facade. European investigators will delve into reports of secret CIA prisons across the continent, including Poland.

And today it was revealed that Abramoff and Scanlon siphoned $80 million dollars from Indian tribes to purportedly buy influence with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, over $60 mil into a “public relations” corporation with no reporting requirements. We’ll see how that gets spun by the Fox News team.

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