Jupiter in Scorpio makes an exact trine to Uranus today, opening up possibilities and opportunities (Jupiter) for breaking up routines and creating a new way of handling situations (Uranus) that may have become stuck as the result of a standoff between Mars (aggression, personal drive) and Saturn (caution, delays). The square between Mars and Saturn was exact last week, but they are still dancing around each other as both planets are now retrograde (appearing to move backward from earth’s perspective). When the drive of Mars is challenged by Saturn’s limitations, the effect is similar to that of driving with the parking brake on. We may feel hemmed in and unable to move very far.

Mars and Saturn are beginning to separate now, and the Jupiter/Uranus influence that has just come into view will remain in effect through early December. In both our personal lives and on the national and international stages, we are likely to see some relaxing of the tension that has been evident for quite some time. This easing period will permit us to step back and take another look at whatever situation we are stuck in and create a new vision for resolution and completion.

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