Have you been told that your breath smells bad? Do you fear someone may be even thinking of it, but don’t want to embarrass you?

Once you know your mouth could use some freshening up, you might be able to make it better without drowning in mouthwash or visiting the dentist. Try the tips below. If you don’t notice a change in a few weeks, ask your dentist or doctor for help. Bad breath can be caused by an illness — including tonsil issues and stomach reflux — or medicine.

Clean Your Teeth and Gum


Many bad-breath problems are linked to oral hygiene. If you don’t brush and floss well, your mouth breaks down the tiny chunks of food that are caught between your teeth. This can give off an odor that can smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. Toothpaste or mouthwash may mask it for a while, but it can’t fix the problem.

Bacteria that causes bad breath can be found in one of three places:

On the teeth
Under the gums
The tongue
To avoid bad breath caused by food that lingers in your mouth, brush twice a day, floss once daily and get regular checkups from your dentist.

Scrape Your Tongue

Close-up Of A Woman Cleaning Her Tongue

Brushing and flossing alone may not fix your bad breath, because the tongue can house food particles. To get to them, brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper when you brush.

You may spit out yellow or brown saliva after you use a scraper. Rinse your mouth after each use.

Eat for Better

Biting an apple

Crunchy, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can help cleanse your mouth of food particles that can cling to your teeth and tongue between meals.

It’s wise to avoid too much dessert, and did you know that it can affect your breath? It’s true! Refined foods and white sugar can cause some bacteria in your mouth to be overfed, which sets off an odor.

Try Probiotics


Many people swish mouthwash to kill bacteria that cause bad breath. The truth is that gargling can kill good and bad bacteria.

If you eat more foods with good bacteria, you may change the good-to-bad ratio inside your mouth, leading to better breath. Try yogurt, or food with Probiotics.

Eating the yogurt, you swish it all around in your mouth while you’re enjoying it, and hopefully, you get it to work for your mouth .

Fight Dry Mouth



Bad breath is common when your mouth’s dry. You may find relief if you use artificial saliva and drink plenty of water.

Many medicines can cause the drynessIMG_0510

“If you go on a medication and suddenly your mouth is really dry, talk to your doctor.

Also, some people breathe through their mouths. This dries out the teeth and tongue, and can cause odors. Sometimes, an over the counter nasal decongestants or allergy pill can help you breathe easier.

Breath Through Your Nose


If you can breathe through your nose but use your mouth out of habit, especially when you sleep, a chin strap might help. It lets you get used to keeping your mouth shut in bed or around the house until it becomes second-nature


Smoking can also give you a dry mouth. If you quit, your breath won’t smell like cigarettes anymore, and you should make more saliva again. That will also help fight the odor.

Chew GumIMG_0513

Some people hope the minty flavor of gum will mask their bad breath. But a stick every now and then can do even more. It can help you make more saliva — and sugar-free kinds sweetened with xylitol fight the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth.

It’s a good idea to stay away from gum with sugar.

Now, you can enjoy hanging out with your friends, go to your interview, or approaching your boss!

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