Aperture of Light

“Climbing is basically my biggest stress relief. Lately I’ve had to spend more time studying and so to maintain my sanity I go in to the wall and climb for an hour or so. It really helps me to clear my mind of everything that has been going on so I can go back and study some more, which in turn causes me to climb more. I also like climbing because its gives me a great way to workout without actually knowing I’m working out, because climbing feels more like I’m doing something for fun then going into the gym just to workout.” – Stanton


Climbing or any physical activity really is awesome stress relief.  I’m a big climber as well and I used to go every night after class.  I would go in with worries about classes, things that professors said or just stress from a hectic day and come out refreshed.  Climbing is one of those sports that takes a lot of determination and problem solving, but in a good way!  It’s fun to tackle a route that you thought you could never do.  It brings a great sense of accomplishment and is just plain fun!

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