When I wrote Pagans and Christians I said that religions based on reveled texts that make monopolistic spiritual claims to superiority were like dormant volcanoes. However peaceful and good neighborly they appeared, they harbored deep within a danger of erupting and spreading destruction in their wake.  The US never underwent a religious war and so memories of those eruptions have faded entirely from the memories of most Christians, especially those who want to take up the banner of religious persecution against others.  It is a banner that once waved aloft cannot easily be taken down until a country is a graveyard as Christians accomplished in Europe during the Thirty Years War.

Europeans have a longer memory because the slaughter occurred on European soil.  But people eventually forget and the volcano of malignant monopolistic monotheism rumbles and comes alive again as bad people wrap themselves in the cloak of faux holiness to spread fear and worse whenever they have the power to do so. Corrupt ecclesiastics ally with would be dictators and the result is disaster for decent people.

Today they have acquired the power to do so in Hungary. The Wild Hunt has a report.  As they do so they demonstrate that politicized conservative Christianity, such as now infects the Republican Party, is the enemy of democracy, freedom, truth and yes, common decency. Read this report of what they are doing and look for parallels with what leading Republicans have advocated or tried to do. Hopefully the civilized portion of the Hungarian people can prevail against these Christofascists. They are a Christo-Republican’s wet dream in power.

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