I was delighted to discover a long discussion of the African Orixa Xango (in Spanish, Shango or Chango) in Daily Kos, and want to pass it on. Years ago when I first encountered the African Diasporic traditions I was identified as a “son of Xango.” I worked within first one Umbanda temple for years and then supported efforts to establish another before their leadership demanded I give up Wicca if I wanted to continue working there.  Then it was “Bye, Bye.”

But I never lost my affection for the music, dance, and general joy of their ceremonies, the healings that took place within them, or the Orixas and ancillary spirits with whom I worked.  It is nice to see these traditions honored within a large audience that will disproportionately be able to appreciate it as legitimate and perhaps worth exploring.

Cao Cabelicilee!

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