Courtesy of Stephen Schwartz’s sleuthing, I have come across two articles that give us hope that we can solve our energy problems with contemporary technologies if only the parasites who own the government would get out of the way – or be gotten out of the way.  Solar cell technology just took a GIANT step forwards.,0,3897047.story  This advance becomes even more exciting given what is already beginning to happen across the pond.

Combined with this, European plans to cooperate with North African countries in building solar power plants in the Sahara are apparently pretty far along. According to this article “in just six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than humans consume in a year. If even a tiny fraction of this energy could be harnessed – an area of Saharan desert the size of Wales could, in theory, power the whole of Europe.”

I think environmentalists have, as a group, consistently underestimated human creativity while the economic powers that be try to channel it in ways that enrich themselves and ignore alternatives.  Fortunately the former mostly do not mind being shown to be mistaken and due to their own greed and short sighted sociopathy,  the latter may ultimately fail.

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