The OWS movement has triggered worldwide support, most ll of it peaceful and likely in the hundreds of thousands.  There were 951 demonstrations planned in 81 countries.  Worldwide corporate aristocracy has triggered worldwide solidarity.  A site that gives a sense of the scale of what is happening around the world is Occupy StreamsHuffingtonpost has some current coverage as does Daily Kos .

Just a couple of weeks ago the  corporate right dominated all public discussion of issues.  They framed it, ignoring jobs and bleating about deficits while attacking women’s well-being, their lies went uncontested and in the mainstream corporate media still largely do.  But now we see something truly inspiring (from my perspective anyway), something that suggests there may still be hope the American people will push back effectively on the theocrats and corporate sociopaths.

Networks of communication and learning are being set up that hold enormous hope for the future.


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