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I was started along this line of thought while reading Kent Nerburn’s powerful, moving, painful and hauntingly beautiful The Wolf at Twilight: An Indian Elder’s Journey through a Land of Ghosts and Shadows. There are many levels to this book, …Read More

The Fall Equinox is upon us.  It is giving us all an opportunity to focus on the question of balance, and I hope also on what Pagan religions generally offer the modern world that the dominant Western and Eastern faiths …Read More

One of the most unexpected aspects of my Yukon adventure was the very different ‘feel’ of country where humanity’s technological imprint is an unpaved road with no dwellings or other roads for over 100 miles – and for many hundreds …Read More

I had wanted my first real post upon returning to be away from politics, but as luck would have it, I returned on September 10 and last night was my first night home.  Today everyone it seems is going on …Read More

Yesterday I returned from the Yukon after being essentially cut off from most communication and definitely from this blog for the better part of three weeks.  Right after crossing the border my email account was hacked by an outfit that …Read More