I have just learned about a married lesbian couple, Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen who performed an act of incredible bravery in an event covered around the world, and received next to no coverage in the US media.   who were camping near where Breivik’s massacre of young Norwegians was taking place. They gor into their boat and made their way to the scene of the killings.  Many young people were in the lake attempting to flee.  With bullets hitting their boat they pulled 10 to safety and then went back three more times, rescuing 40 in all.

Over here they got next to no coverage.   Maybe none.  I say “next to” because someone in national media might have mentioned it.  The Guardian’s analysis suggests this “oversight” was so for four reasons:

1. They are women

2. They are lesbians

3. They are married lesbians

4. They do not fit the framework of predigested garbage that enables “reporters” and “personalities” to develop media narratives without ever having to do actual work.

Many in the Sauronic right, religious and secular alike, tell us the killer had a point and never mentioned these brave lifesavers.  But the mainstream media did little  better.

The hatred of the feminine and belittling of women by many ‘manly men’ in this country is making what we Pagans have to offer spiritually a lifeline of sanity and decency in a country where many are losing sight of both.


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