You cannot help but notice the new title strip for A Pagan’s Blog.  Beliefnet is upgrading their headings, and while it is more ‘cosmic’ that I would have designed, I like it.  It seems symbolic of siome changes I am making in this blog and in my writing.

I am sending my first contribution to Patheos today.  It will likely be up at the end of the week.  I hope to do two things there that I don’t do here.  The more leisurely pace of weekly posting will allow for more developed articles, and they will be intended for strictly Pagan readers. Anyone can read them of course, but that will be who I write for whereas here I write for Pagans and nonPagans.  Patheos pieces will also be more “advanced” I hope.  I also hope there will be relatively few political postings let alone discussions of the spiritual excrescences that constitute the religious right.  In a sense those postings will probe more deeply than most of what I do here, but do so with less connection to current issues.

Here at Beliefnet I hope to write for a wider audience, continue writing more basic pieces on who we Pagans are, discuss the Sabbats and such, and provide links to cool or important stuff many of my readers might otherwise not come across. I do not plan anymore long essays here.  Hopefully it will be more spontaneous.  I do not think I will ever again reach the abundance of posts I did for my first two years – I am putting most of my energies now into some book length projects and scholarly work.

A not sure I can pull this agenda off, and it will certainly not be as lively at either site from late August to mid-September, when I will be driving to and back from the Yukon – the road trip of a lifetime.  (I hope to see northern lights, the arctic in the fall, and endure few bugs.) But if I can accomplish this it feels like a good way to continue serving my Beliefnet readers while having the opportunity to be part of a growing community of Pagan writers.

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