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Lammas, or Lughnasad, is the first and greatest of the Sabbats honoring the harvest, for it is now that in most places in the northern hemisphere life’s abundance most overflows in flowers and fruit, grain and root.  In our urban …Read More

I hope to post on Lammas, but recent events have intruded.  I still hope to do a Lammas post, but right now this is on my mind. We are all aware of the horrible murders committed against so many Norwegians, …Read More

A friend had this on his FB page, and when I looked at it, and more importantly, heard it, I was awe struck.  Who knows what crickets really hear?  I don’t.  But I have often wondered what other beings actually …Read More

The slaughter in Norway by a Christian Fundamentalist seeing himself as a knight defending the faith raises a disturbing issue: what are so many monotheists so violent towards people who disagree with them?  One would think their deity could handle …Read More

I just read on of the more hopeful pieces I have seen in a while regarding environmental degradation, the most disturbing of what I consider the three major crises threatening us today.  This crisis has several dimensions: destruction of natural …Read More

One of the most interesting aspects of Paganism for me is that it stretches back to the very beginnings of human spirituality, so far as we can tell.  The Axial religions of monotheism, Buddhism, and Hinduism connected to sacred texts …Read More

I’ve been nearly overwhelmed with discussions over at Patheos after I responded to some folks request for me to discuss “Can a Pagan be a Conservative?”  I wish they had not used the subtitle they did, but it certainly helped …Read More

A very interesting series of posts on recent research with psilocybin mushrooms has just started to appear at one of my favorite bogs, The Reality Based Community, which is made up of a variety of academic types with a wider …Read More

My first Patheos post has been put up.   Again, Patheos will have little essays addressing the various implications of Pagan spirituality but I hope no purely political analysis. But as readers will see, I intend that many will have …Read More

You cannot help but notice the new title strip for A Pagan’s Blog.  Beliefnet is upgrading their headings, and while it is more ‘cosmic’ that I would have designed, I like it.  It seems symbolic of siome changes I am …Read More