My old friend Mi Robin linked to a fantastic video on Facebook about the efforts of some bigots to prevent an Islamic mosque in Murfreesboro Tennessee.  But if that was all it was about I’d not link to it.  We have enough of that stuff in our lives.  While doing his research on the issue, and on the culture of the South that feeds this nastiness, the film maker, Eric Allen Bell, found himself battling the same demons that I have been struggling with.  In confronting unmitigated nastiness of the ‘religious’ bigots and their assault on decency , how do we avoid becoming that against which we struggle. Many of those people were originally attracted to their religion because of promises of goodness, only to turn into Satanists (in their sense).  How do we avoid a similar fate?  The end of the video is worth the wait, and you’ll learn a great deal along the way.

This needs to go viral in my opinion.

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